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Build your own poke

Choose your favourite base: sushi rice, brown rice, quinoa, black rice and much more...

Add protein and vegetables to taste. What would you prefer? Tuna, salmon or 100% vegetarian?

Dress it with any of our sauces. We have one to suit every taste. Enjoy your poke!

Poke atún Fish&Greens Healthy

Poke Bowls

Build-your-own sushi bowls

The poke arose from the need of Hawaiian fishermen to eat something fast and easy to prepare while working at sea.

At Fish and Greens we’re now serving up the most traditional recipes, as well as some of our own inventions.

And don’t forget, you can also build your own, just the way you want it!

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Sushi burritos Fish&Greens Healthy

Sushi burritos

Sushi bites

Green rolls are an alternative to traditional sushi and are perfect for vegetarians, vegans and the most health-conscious among us.

They’re also low in calories and designed to ensure that enjoying food and being health-conscious are completely compatible.

Our four best creations are now within your reach. Which one will you go for?

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Try our poke

Try any of our recipes or build your own. Whatever you choose, enjoy your poke!

Try our poke See pokes

Place your home delivery order!

At last our home delivery service is available throughout Barcelona. To celebrate, we’ll pay the first €2. Tempted?

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Green Rolls

You’re going to love our vegan sushi. Enjoy eating while you take care of your body.

Green Rolls See green rolls
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29 diciembre 2019
’Siempre buenísimo y súper fresco. Ningún pedido ha bajado de calidad. ’
11 noviembre 2018
’Buen producto y precio muy competitivo. Comparándolo con la competencia… se nota.’
5 febrero 2019
’Los pokes son frescos y bien preparados. Buena variedad.’
10 octubre 2019
’Una vez a la semana cae un Fish&Greens, como mínimo! Somos muy fans, está riquísimo y no te sientes culpable por pedir a domicilio... super healthy :)’
7 septiembre 2019
’Buena calidad de los productos, amplia variedad, cantidad adecuada y correcta relación calidad/precio.’
11 agosto 2019
’Muy bueno, siempre un acierto!! Es la manera más saludable de pecar’

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