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Healthy cuisine in Barcelona, straight to your door

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Fish and Greens

At last home delivery and healthy eating go hand in hand.

The restaurant you’ve been waiting for has arrived in Barcelona. We’re well aware that home delivery and healthy eating are often incompatible; that’s why Fish and Greens was born.

We have an extensive menu of healthy, fresh and nourishing products to let you enjoy lunch or dinner in the comfort of your own home with minimal effort, while looking after your health.

Poke, salads, soups or green rolls. What shall we prepare for you today?

Sushi burrito F&G Healthy


Our aim is to ensure that an extensive menu of fresh, healthy products to enjoy at home is just a couple of clicks away.

Home-delivered food doesn’t have to equal junk food and we want to make that a reality. It can be prepared with the finest quality products, passion and painstaking attention to detail. Home delivery can also mean healthy eating.

Fish or Greens; choose whatever you want and leave the rest to us!

Salmon poke F&G Healthy


At Fish and Greens we believe in doing things properly. All our care goes in to offering you a comprehensive menu. We take our work very seriously. That’s why we follow very specific steps throughout the entire process, from the very first to the very last ingredient. The whole process is a ritual, and every dish is prepared with a great deal of care and finesse, as if it were for a loved one.

Our years of experience and passion for the industry have given us the confidence to offer you a high-quality, fresh and healthy gastronomic option.

Vegetal poke Fish&Greens Vegan


Our aim is that you can enjoy balanced, healthy food in the comfort of your own home. To achieve this, we treat our ingredients with the utmost care, according to quality standards, to ensure that they are always at their peak of freshness. Fish and Greens wouldn’t be Fish and Greens if quality wasn’t the trademark of our daily activity. That’s why we select the best ingredients: fresh, local and healthy.

We say no to pre-prepared products and opt for fresh products to ensure that our food retains all the nutritional value and vitamins your body needs for a balanced diet.

Vegan tofu roll Fish&Greens Vegan


We know how important it is to care for the ecosystem, so we make every effort to generate minimal impact. We are committed to supporting sustainable fishing practices and we only work with suppliers with the same commitment. In a bid to reduce waste, our packaging is made from recyclable materials.

We are aware that our customers are concerned with looking after and protecting the environment.

Sustainability Fish&Greens Veggie

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