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Preventive measures by COVID-19: In addition to all preventive measures established by public health, we eliminate cash payments, food vouchers and dataphones to limit contact between people. You can check all the measurements here.

We greatly appreciate your confidence, protocols slow our deliveries, we ask for your patience. Thank you.

Sushi delivery in Barcelona

If you want to enjoy your favourite Japanese dishes in the comfort of your own home, but still want to look after yourself and eat healthily, you can’t afford to miss the opportunity to try our vegan sushi, which can be delivered to any corner of Barcelona. At Fish and Greens we have several vegetarian and vegan sushi rolls that you’ll love, all freshly prepared to order to ensure that every piece of sushi stays perfectly fresh between our kitchen and your home. We also combine the finest quality raw materials with highly affordable prices and prompt service. Don’t forget that all our home delivery sushi comes with everything you need; all you need to do is order and enjoy.

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Vegan rolls F&G

Vegan delivery Barcelona

In the Barcelona home delivery sector, Fish and Greens works to combine prompt service with top-quality raw materials and finishing touches of our products.

Fish and Greens is more than just a home delivery service. We prefer to define ourselves as “fresh food”, since we believe that home delivery food doesn’t have to be synonymous with low quality and that it is possible to enjoy a home delivery service that offers healthy, balanced food. To experience the city’s best vegan sushi, all you need to do is order via our website and we’ll prepare everything from scratch and deliver it to your home. All that remains for you to do is to sit back and enjoy a healthy, balanced and delicious meal.

Veggie uramaki F&G

Contactless delivery

All our deliveries are contactless. We recommend to leave a support (chair, stool, or similar) to be able to leave the order. Thank you!